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Unionizing College Sports
Addressing myths of the college athletes

A lot of attention has been given to the rights of college athletes over the past few years. While not a new issue (the Fab Five of the University of Michigan was dealing with this issue over 20 years ago) this weeks decision by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) approving the right for the Football and Basketball programs to hold a vote to unionize has helped bring this topic back to the forefront. While traditionally the argument has circled…

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What makes something a standard?
Forcing design on users for designers sake.

Recently I’ve been part of a number of related conversations that in some form or another, revolve around the use of “standard design patterns” in various projects as defined by designers. For as long as I have been involved with web technologies and interactive design, there has been some level of what “standard” means and why as designers we should follow them. I tend to bucket usability into two core buckets. The first is the user centric portion; what is…

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I am a certified usability analyst, user experience & graphic designer, and information architect with web & .net development experience based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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