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How Not to Apply Gamification
You’ve Earned the “Me Too” Badge

I was registering for a new web based service this past week, when I noticed something at the bottom of the screen that had displayed after I successfully created my credentials. It was a small icon and a message that read: “Congratulations! You have earned the newbie badge.” If you are unfamiliar with gamification, it’s the application of game elements to a non-game setting. Through popular application such as Foursquare and Nike+ gamification has become more mainstream over the past…

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Rapid Prototyping with CorelDRAW
Why am I the only one using this tool?

Creating a rapid prototype in CorelDRAW is fairly easy, and can be used to either extend your existing wireframes or tie together your mockups into a document that can better illustrate a more finished work flow and can be quickly shared with others. Disclaimer: This is not a blog post to convince people to like CorelDRAW, or to convert Illustrator users or businesses to CorelDRAW. This is merely a post on an alternative for existing or past CorelDRAW users to…

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I am a certified usability analyst, user experience & graphic designer, and information architect with web & .net development experience based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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